Started Data Scientist’s Toolbox

As you can see in my previous post I started with the Data Science Specialization on Coursera. The first course is the Data Scientist’s Toolbox.

This course is an introduction to the tools and ideas that I will see throughout the rest of the Data Science track.

The course track is focused on providing three things:

  1. an introduction to the key ideas behind working with data in a scientific way that will produce new and reproducible insight,
  2. an introduction to the tools that I will allow me to execute on a data analytic strategy, from raw data in a database to a completed report with interactive graphics,
  3. and on giving me plenty of hands on practice so I can learn the techniques for myself.

The course is about getting setup with the appropriate tools and accounts I will need for the rest of the track giving me a solid grounding.

I have installed the folowing software:

And set up a Github account. GitHub is a tool for collaborative code sharing and editing.

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