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My Activities in 2018 with R and ShinyApp

What better way to analyze your activities data from Apple Health and Runkeeper into R and generating some visualizations and counters. After that I will wrapping it together into a […]


Analysing your Apple Health Data with Splunk

Did you know that from iPhones 5s and iOS 8 (minimal) the Apple Health App automatically collect your steps, walking, running and flights climbed data? This post will show you how […]

Visualizing with D3 JavaScript Network Graphs from R

Hi all, I want to visualize some of my courses I’ve followed by year. I have found D3 JavaScript Network Graphs from R with some nice and cool visualizations. In […]

Descriptive Statistics Final Project with Python & R

Text Mining with R on Vikings episode scripts

Synopsis I’m a hugh fan of the TV show Vikings. I thought it would be cool to mine the tv shows scripts to figure out which terms are the most […]

Setting up a DataScience Server

After installing multiple software, servers etc. on my  laptop it was overloaded with different tools and running services. When I get a new laptop or it will crash I can start […]

Upload plots as PNG file to your wordpress

Synopsis Note! This post is a addition to Create blog posts from RStudio to WordPress About a week ago I tried to add my blog to R-Bloggers. I thought everything […]

Visualizing San Francisco Crime Classification with Tableau

Playing with Tableau and the San Francisco Crime Classification training dataset of Kaggle. An interactive Tableau version can found on this link..

Titanic – Machine Learning from Disaster (Part 1)

Synopsis In the challenge Titanic – Machine Learning from Disaster from Kaggle, you need to predict of what kind of people were likely to survive the disaster or did not. […]

Create blog posts from RStudio to WordPress

In a couple of courses I’ve used RPubs and GitHub for publishing my R code and work. As I have a own website with WordPress I want to blog from R to […]

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