My name is John, a Data Analyst, who lives in the Netherlands. I’ve two kids and a lovely woman. Love Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, Visualization, Running, Crossfit, Obstacle Running, Coffee, watching movies and series.

I’m creative, imaginative, free-thinking, daydreamer and strategic who needs freedom, peace and space to brainstorm and to fantasize about new and surprising solutions. Generates ideas and solves difficult problems, sees all options, judges accurately and wants to get to the bottom of things.

Some facts of me

  • 10 year busy with data analytics
  • 7 years experience of Planning & Control with Trend & Forecasting in Excel
  • 13 years experience in ICT as Technical Specialist of Datacenter Network and Security
  • Have a fast talk
  • Convenient to join discussions
  • Doing things my own way

About my blog

My blog is about my interests and some of them I want to share with you.