Course The Python programming language

Tomorrow I will start my three day course Python programming language.

This course covers the essential aspects of programming in Python. I will learn the syntax of the language and how to use the extensive standard Python library so I do not have to reinvent the wheel by myself. In addition, subjects like programming constructs, data types and object-oriented programming style are addressed.

The course covers:

  • Introduction: positioning, characteristics, applications, usage, scripting.
  • Elementary data types: various data types of Python and their properties, expressions.
  • Program structures: indentation as block structure, statements that influence the control flow.
  • Data types of Python: strings, bytes, lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets and files. Unicode and data encoding.
  • Details about data types: Python as dynamically typed language, the reference model, methods (functions) that are related to (object) type.
  • Functions: design of functions, docstrings, passing arguments, return value, functions as argument, scope rules, generators.
  • Modules: reasons for building modules, the use of modules, creation of modules, test code for modules.
  • Object orientation and classes: OO-terminology, classes in Python, class construction, inheritance, polymorfism, special class methods, operator overloading, inheritance of built-in types.
  • Exceptions: the EAFP motto (Easier to Ask for Forgiveness than Permission), exception classes, catch exceptions, own exception classes.
  • Overview of standard library: interaction with operating system, regular expressions, network facilities, etc.

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